Joanna Nygard Slay has be creating mosaics and Found Art for over 12 years. As she became more aware of the environment and the carbon footprint one leaves behind, she noticed the disposable society in which we live. Discards that can be reused are everywhere and so her collection began. Some things were in thrift stores, on the side of the road or broken and thrown away. Taking inspiration from music, nature and spiritual growth, her work consists of mosaics, mixed media collages and unusual hanging collaborations. Knowing this “trash” would eventually reach a landfill and turning it into decorative art that pleases the eye and soul is her desire. This evolution continues today and influenced her personal credo: Reduce, reuse, recreate!

Jo currently resides in Biloxi, Mississippi with her husband, John, and two pups, Hazel & Baxter.


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